Manufacturer and Exporters

Manufacturing businesses have given true meaning to the process of streamlining. And joining hands with an accountant who understands the specifics of your manufacturing business is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Manufacturing involves paying attention to minute details with a vision to reduce cost and time taken, while maximising profits and wholly utilising the potential of plant and employees. Linked with various complexities such as tracking orders, managing costs and inventories, managing builds and assemblies, identifying priorities in respect to order deliveries, and maintaining fruitful relations with all the stakeholders involved, manufacturing is strenuous business.

Exporters and the Australian Dollar:

At Zimsen Partners, we understand the volatility of the Australian dollar and the soaring prices of labour in this country. We have helped multiple exporters streamline their financial operations and processes linked with various stages in their business life cycle. Coaching in the areas of accounting, business and taxation could also be imparted to empower your staff members.

Count your growth:

With a firm knowledge and hands on experience of ups and downs of the export market, Zimsen Partners can help you with pricing and setting margins so that your financial gains exceed your costs, consequently creating profit. Our assistance does not end there, we use benchmarking and other evaluative methods to clearly identify your standing in the market and suggest practical solutions to improve your position. No business can be fruitfully sustained without being constantly monitored and evaluated, which is the first step towards change.

Business services we offer for Manufacturing Businesses:

  • Tax Planning and Tax Advice.
  • Preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for various business structures including: trusts, companies, partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Preparation of indirect tax returns such as payroll tax and fringe benefits tax
  • Preparation of Income Activity Statements and Business Activity Statements
  • Liasing with Statutory Bodies including ATO on behalf of clients.
  • Assistance with statutory registrations including Work cover, ATO registrations and State Revenue Office registrations for Payroll Tax.
  • Setting Up and Changing of Business Structures.
  • Managing Issues with Related Company Loans and Director Loans.
  • Bookkeeping Services.
  • Individual Services
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