Our office will be closed for staff training on the following dates: Friday 5 June, Friday 19 June and Friday 26 June.

Our Partners

Zimsen Partners works with other members of the group to provide our clients with the best opportunities and service to achieve their individual objectives.

SMART Financial Advisory Pty Ltd
Director – Pallavi Mahajan

Pallavi has a 7 years’ experience in advising clients on personal and corporate superannuation, retirement income planning, estate planning, wealth creation through financial planning, managed investment funds and life, trauma and disability insurance. She has four business specialties, serving clients throughout Australia:

1. Helping young families to protect their income and assets from the uncertainties created by the potential disablement or premature death of the family breadwinner.

2. Helping business owners to protect their businesses from the risks that they, their business partners or their key employees may become disabled or die.

3. Helping older clients to maximize their incomes in retirement.

4. Helping older clients to arrange their affairs to ensure the orderly succession of their personal and business assets through careful estate planning and protection.

Strategic Property Alliance Pty Ltd
Directors – Terry Zimsen & Dancy He

SPA invites any client requiring to make a property decision to get into contact with us.

Client are able to use our range of consultants services including (but not limited to):

  • Buyers Agents
  • Sourcing Agents
  • Evaluation Projects
  • Managing Joint Ventures

Give us a call at (03) 97986622

Your Local Accountant Pty Ltd
Director – Mark Fu

Your Local Accountant Pty Ltd is an Franchise Tax Agent Business offering unique business opportunities through our specially designed supporting system to assist financial services providers and qualified accountants to build up their own accounting practice and become a registered tax agent in the near future.

As Your Local Accountant franchisee, you will be able to not only provide a full suite of accounting and taxation administration services, but also refer other financial services to your clients, which provide you with excellent additional income streams, and enable you to maximise the potential income from each client.

As the Franchisor, we have negotiated with our service providers on your behalf for the value-added services, saving you time and leaving you free to focus on customer service. Your clients will benefit directly in their dealings with you – a convenience that saves them time and hassle.

Please click the following links to visit our website and feel free to contact us now to discuss how we can help you to build your business with our franchise system.


Somebody’s Child

Somebody’s Child is a new charity set up to provide emergency shelter to the thousands of homeless people living on our streets. Would you like to be involve with the new foundation ‘Somebody’s Child’, visit the website @ somebodyschild.org.

For those who are interested in giving a helping hand, please contact Terry at terry@zimsenpartners.com.au or give us a call on (03) 9798 6622.

Please also have on the homepage, under the first rotating picture: Somebody’s Child with the following little description and a “Please Donate” icon, try and capture their logo from their website: Somebody’s Child is a new charity set up to provide emergency shelter to the thousands of homeless people living on our streets. Visit us at somebodyschild.org.

03 9798 6622