Self Managed Super Funds

SMSF Services Tailored to Your Situation

Superannuation is a saving for your retirement, and therefore everyone must try to maximise their retirement nest egg. Some may

  • engage and pay for the assistance of qualified external parties, (award funds, retail funds, etc)
  • want to do it (manage their investments) by themselves. (Internally)

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

These are internally managed by you the members. Looking after your own retirement contributions. As a member of a SMSF you are the trustee and therefore make all the decisions about its operation. Members generally run it to maximise their retirement balances.

Buying Property in an SMSF

Our accountants can explain to you the legal and accounting implications of

  • Purchasing a commercial property in an SMSF
  • Purchasing a residential property in a SMSF
  • Borrowing to purchase in a SMSF
  • Different structures available
  • How many can be members of a SMSF

Our qualified accountants will guide you through the entire process.

Full range of services

In addition to setting up your SMSF we can also assist you with ongoing advice to ensure you achieve your objectives to the maximum while still remaining in full compliance with the legislation.

SMSF Services

Its time to make the most of your situation. Contact Us for expert SMSF Services

Expert SMSF services

Business Experience

We’ve been giving business owners advice on managing their SMSFs for almost 20 years. We can help you maximise your investments.

Full Range of Service

We can not only set up your SMSF, but we also help you with ongoing advice to ensure it performs well.

Long-Term Client Partnerships

Our SMSF accountants work hard to understand your unique priorities, helping you make the best plan for your future.

Leading Innovation

We constantly strive for a better way of doing things, embracing new developments to bring you industry-leading technology and software.

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