Real Estate

Real Estate deals with many unpredictable factors such as GFC and variable market values for properties, REIV and government regulations. Meeting the expectations of picky customers and difficult vendors is a challenge in almost every other transaction that is carried out. When it comes to managing finances of a Real Estate agency we offer assistance with common issues such as those associated with GST, superannuation, BAS and PAYG, in addition to offering sophisticated advice in regards to various stages of the business life cycle.

Helping you soar:

At Zimsen Partners, our team of real estate experts can sit down with you to help you identify the key sources of profit in your business. This would be the first step in establishing and implementing strategies that focus solely on profit maximisation. It does not end there, each strategy that has been adopted will be thoroughly evaluated. We compare your business at various stages with your competitors in the market to identify deficiencies and excellency that help you to minimise cost and swell up your gain.

Starting a Real Estate Agency:

Starting a real estate agency involves an extensively detailed account of ongoing and capital expenses. At Zimsen partners we understand that not all knowledge is available to everyone at all times, this is why our team of real estate experts are happy to provide coaching sessions that include areas of accounting, tax and business. This is guaranteed to help you make informed decisions. Identifying the major expenses of starting a real estate agency is a key element. Expenses include, but are not limited to, IT, marketing, staff, licenses, professional services, furniture and fittings, other equipment, commercial property, working capital and so on. We have devised methods and tools that can help you integrate all these costs into a single database. This would streamline your finances and help you take difficult decisions with a comfortable and comprehensive outlook.

Business services we offer for Real Estate:

  • Tax Planning and Tax Advice.
  • Preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for various business structures including: trusts, companies, partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Preparation of indirect tax returns such as payroll tax and fringe benefits tax
  • Preparation of Income Activity Statements and Business Activity Statements
  • Liasing with Statutory Bodies including ATO on behalf of clients.
  • Assistance with statutory registrations including Work cover, ATO registrations and State Revenue Office registrations for Payroll Tax.
  • Setting Up and Changing of Business Structures.
  • Managing Issues with Related Company Loans and Director Loans.
  • Bookkeeping Services.
  • Individual Services
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