Comprehensive due diligence and business analysis

The best interests of your business

As an illustrious due diligence firm that is widely regarded as a pioneer, Zimsen Partners combines technology, finance, corporate strategy, logistics to enhance organisational effectiveness in the best interests of our clients’ businesses. We provide customised business due diligence services according to the needs of your business.

  • An Independent set of eyes on the business you are purchasing.
  • Full financial review
  • Due diligence reporting
  • Risk and concerns.
  • Structure advice.
  • Advice on tax planning

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Plan strategically and methodically to succeed



We have almost 20 years of experience helping business owners with due diligence and business analysis services.


Our team of specialised due diligence advisors are more than just experts in their field. They can advice you for your specific situation as well as provide a large range of financial services.


Our process is backed by almost two decades of expert advice and commitment to our craft. You need to set up systems and processes so they can run without you. We’ll help you get it right.


We build long-term partnerships with all our clients, and due diligence shouldn’t be overlooked. We build these relationships early and grow together.

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