Joyce ZhaJoyce Zhangng ACCA

Joyce joined the firm in August 2021, initially taking on the role of a bookkeeper. Since then, she has rapidly become an integral member of the team, providing crucial support to client managers in various accounting and taxation assignments. Joyce’s dedication and aptitude have allowed her to seamlessly adapt and contribute to the firm’s operations.

As a proud mom, Joyce recently returned to work after giving birth to her daughter. Her commitment to balancing work and family showcases her determination and multitasking abilities. Outside of work, Joyce finds joy in engaging in leisure activities that allow her to unwind and recharge. She enjoys watching Netflix, immersing herself in captivating stories and compelling narratives. Additionally, music holds a special place in her heart, providing her with a source of inspiration and relaxation. Joyce also appreciates the experience of dining out, savouring delicious meals and exploring different culinary delights.

Joyce’s enthusiasm, dedication, and ability to manage both professional and personal responsibilities make her a valuable asset to the firm. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for embracing life’s simple pleasures contribute to her well-rounded approach to work and leisure.

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