Get Business Migration Support from an Expert

Get Business Migration Support from an Expert

Doing a business is not a one time task and requires one hundred percent dedication of the persons involved. If you are a migrant in Australia and looking forward to starting a new business, you should consider taking help from an expert. Whether you want to buy an existing business or want to start from scratch, getting help from a company that provides excellent business migration support is the first thing you should do.

You might not be aware of the Australian business environment. Having an expert by your side who has local knowledge, contacts and affiliations can help you set up a strong foundation. At Zimsen Partners, we provide business migration support for migrants who want to start a business in the country. We have a range of services available, let’s take a look.

If You Want to Open a New Business:

  • Conducting a feasibility research
  • Preparing a detailed business plan to incorporate the requirements of the applicant
  • Advice on the setting up of the structures
  • Assisting with the application for finance

If You Want to Purchase an Existing Business:

  • Our team evaluates the applicant’s business background and looks for a business that would fit the applicants’ qualifications and experience.
  • We gather all business-related information and create a profile.
  • We give recommendations on terms, conditions and cost.
  • Conduct a fully scoped due diligence to ensure that the business meets the requirements necessary for your application.
  • You get guidance on setting up the most effective structure for your business.
  • We assist you with the finance application.

You can also count on our experienced professionals for getting the right advice on visa obligations and compliance with visa requirements. We can also give you required references, including banks, insurance brokers, lawyers, and more. From general advice on running a business in Australia to taking care of any specific business requirement, you can count on our experts for the best solution.

For business migration support, please contact us on 03 7065 5555.

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