Brad-MurBrad Mur B. Bus & Comm, CPA

Brad brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Tax Accountant at Zimsen Partners. With many years in the field, Brad has become a trusted advisor to a diverse range of clients, including those in Manufacturing, Residential and Commercial Construction, Service Trades, and Non-Profit Organisations. His extensive experience allows him to navigate the complexities of tax accounting and offer valuable insights to help business owners achieve their goals.

As a tax accountant and business advisor, Brad is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding between himself and his clients. He goes the extra mile to ensure that business owners not only receive advice but also comprehend the rationale behind it. Brad’s commitment to clarity and communication empowers his clients to make informed decisions about their financial matters.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brad’s adventurous nature comes to the fore. His passion for cricket and AFL stands out, reflecting an enthusiasm for sports.

Brad’s combination of professional expertise, dedication to client understanding, and active involvement in sports showcase a well-rounded individual who brings a dynamic and collaborative spirit to both the professional and personal aspects of his life.

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