ATO announces audit crackdown for the 2018 FBT Year!

ATO announces audit crackdown for the 2018 FBT Year!

Recent ATO announcements have made it clear that the ATO has ‘taken the gloves off’ and are now devoting significant resources to FBT compliance.

Making matters worse, there have been a number of significant developments that have complicated the process of preparing the 2018 FBT Return.

We cut through the difficulties and provide straight-forward solutions for the challenges confronting employers in the 2018 FBT year.

Which fringe benefits are under the ATO’s microscope for the 2018 FBT year?

  • ATO announces audit taskforce targeting benefits provided by contractors, clients and suppliers
  • ATO uncovers massive problems with employers disclosing meal entertainment on the FBT Return under the NEW rules
  • ATO highlights concerns with employee declarations and FBT paperwork – Find out who’s in the firing line

NTAA’s 2018 FBT Audit Survival Guide

  • How does the ATO identify all fringe benefits when undertaking an FBT audit?
  • Unique NTAA guide to the traps and tips associated with preparing the 2018 FBT Return Form

NEW ATO Ruling on the FBT implications of business travel
The ATO has recently released a comprehensive ruling on the FBT implications of employee business travel and it contains a few surprises.

  • ATO announces a concession for employees who return home whilst travelling on business – We’ll take you through it!
  • New Ruling provides welcome relief for employers who allow employees to spend a weekend away whilst travelling on business

ATO announces further guidelines on record-keeping concessions under the logbook method. Employers can save $’000s.

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