Becoming Your Own Boss

A look at the rapidly booming home entrepreneur scenario Technology is giving us a lot more than knowledge about distant occurrences and innovations. It is providing us with opportunities that never really existed before. Bloggers are getting paid to review food items and wear the latest trends while freelance software developers are sparking technological revolutions from their garages. Some of the most successful companies were merely garage projects. For instance, companies such as, Apple and Google were results of seizing such opportunities. With the advancement of e-commerce, the field has become much wider and levelled for retailers of all types and sizes. What are some advantages of starting a home business?
  • Working your own hours
  • Ability to control business outcomes with greater precision
  • Flexibility in hiring staff, solely when project becomes too large for one person
  • Establishing a brand identity, sitting...

October – 2016 Practice Update

October – 2016 Practice Update covers following points
  • Government 'backflip' on superannuation changes
  • Fallout from 'Panama Papers' spreads
  • GST on low-value imports
  • Record keeping is always key to taking on the ATO
  • DHS – Data matching project
  • 16 forced sales of properties illegally held by foreigners
  • Singapore and ATO to share data to reduce tax evasion
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