New Associate Office in China

New Associate Office in China

We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have signed a second Memorandum of Understanding with a new firm in China. This engagement with GKL Advisory Guangzhou has been made possible through extraordinary negotiations, extensive exchanges between the directors of both parties and valuable consideration for their respective clients.

United by a common business culture, new alliances between Zimsen Partners and GKL Advisory Guangzhou have been signed. This partnership makes Zimsen Partners the forerunner in the accounting industry providing its clients base an opportunity to defy boundaries and make business possible around Asia. This new avenue of opportunity will facilitate the connection of our clients with Asia and assist clients referred from our associate offices to connect with Australia.

Below is a small introduction to our new associate GKL Advisory, from Guangzhou, China.

“GKL Advisory Limited (“GKL”) is a company specializing in company management advisory services. GKL provides expertise in areas of tax, finance, foreign exchange, Customs, business management and expatriate’s investment in PRC.

GKL is led by professional PRC Certified Tax Agents and Certified Public Accountants from the “Big-four” accounting firm. With profound knowledge, rich project experience and broad network resources, GKL could provide high quality services to clients.

Our slogan is to promise a value-added work, to work in a prudence attitude.”

“With a group of experienced professionals and rich social network connections, GKL is sophisticated enough to provide our client with high quality services. Members of GKL are all experienced and knowledgeable young power with keen business sense. Through years of study and practice in various industries, GKL members have shaped profound and comprehensive expertise, which enables them to analyze our client’s financial and tax issues from a broader perspective and to settle the issues successfully.”

GKL are proud to be pioneer in being: “Forward Looking – With forward looking view during provision of services, we can assist client to have strategic plan for future success. We will provide value-added suggestion by taking consideration from all aspects of client’s business.

Wide sphere of view – We are able to step over jurisdiction and region, to provide professional advisory services with international view.

Experienced professionals – Our Certified Tax Agents and Certified Public Accountants are professionals with rich client profile in different industries.

Sound network connection – We have good network connections with relevant government authorities. Providing high quality of services, we can build up an effective communication between client and government authorities.

Value-added – We will try out best to understand client’s needs and provide valuable services.”

Zimsen Partners already have associate office arrangements in place and operational in different parts of the world.

Please log on to our website and click under ‘Our International Associates’ for more details. We take great pleasure in bringing these new opportunities to your attention and hope you share our excitement.

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