Income Protection: Your Umbrella When The Rain Arrives

Income Protection: Your Umbrella When The Rain Arrives

Take a moment to stop and think for a minute. Have you ever considered how your family would fare if you were suddenly unable to work through sickness or injury? Paying off the bills and managing the everyday expenses is hard enough as it is with an income, let alone without one. Under such a stressful circumstance, the last thing one will want to be worrying about is how the gas and electricity is going to be paid.

Income Protection insurance provides a monthly income stream of up to 75% of a worker’s regular earnings in the unfortunate event of an injury or sickness, resulting in the inability to work for a period of time. Depending on the policy selected, payments can continue every month until retirement age.

Not only can income protection provide the security of an income in the event of unforseen ill health or injury, but it also comes with significant savings in taxes. The premiums paid are tax deductable; reducing the amount you pay every year.

Income Protection allows the financial freedom to focus on recovery and treatment. Are you insured?


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