Working with An Accountant in 2018

Working with An Accountant in 2018

-Choosing the right accountant for you-

Most business owners would have already found an accountant through referrals via friends and family or fellow industry businessmen. However, there is no reason for you to feel trapped with an accountant who does not enable you to make greater profits. An accountant’s role is far more than just handling your paper work and all your accounts. The right accountant encourages their clients to make decisions based on logic and educated assumptions about the state of the market in the recent future.

Business owners could even choose to switch accountants in light of new business directions or business expansion. Furthermore, in the case of small business owners, there are several software that allow you to do your bookkeeping and taxation related formalities with ease. In this article, we explore why having a reliable accountant by your side is crucial and how to go about shortlisting your options.

  • Industry relevant experience
    An accountant with experience in your industry is one of the best if not the best options for your business. The professional you choose for your bookkeeping and taxation should have direct practical experience within the field in recent times. We emphasise recent times because the rules and regulations in Australia is a constantly shifting landscape that needs careful scrutiny.
  • Look for the right advantages
    It’s very plausible that business owners might choose an accountant that is in close vicinity to their office or is from the same community that they belong to. However, this is not what critical business thinking entails. A successful businessman would always channel all his energy in finding the right match for his business, taking into account the industry type, their capital and many more business relevant aspects like that.
  • What are they putting out?
    One of the signs of a proactive and success driven accountant is that they keep updating their social media and blog pages with vital information about the accounting business and the several industries they work in. On the other hand, accountants that aren’t very savvy will have very little or no additional information available on their media outlets.

We work with several industries in Melbourne and around Australia. It’s only a matter of a phone call before you can discover the right accountant for you. We wish you a very successful and pleasant 2018.

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