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Tax Deductions- The Little Pleasures of Life

Tax Deductions- The Little Pleasures of Life

If you brush through all the receipts that you’ve been collecting all year, you’d certainly stumble upon various goods and services that can be claimed from the ATO. However, this article is about those tax deductions that go unnoticed yet lie hidden in plain sight.

  • Calling and Browsing
    If your workplace requires you to make calls or use your personal data pack for work-related activities, then its quite likely that the usage can be claimed on your return. All you need to do is use the call log to separate the work-related calls from your personal calls and determine your work usage which can then be claimed. The same applies to your internet usage. Furthermore, if your employer has provided phone but you invested in an important accessory for the phone, you can claim that too (Eg: A phone case).
  • Education
    Simply put, deductions in relation to educational expenses can only be claimed if they help improve your skills and capabilities at your current job. If your educational pursuits relate to helping you find a new job, you are not eligible to claim tax on it. You may also be eligible to claim the travel to and from the Educational institute.
  • Donations to Charitable organisations
    Charity donations can be claimed too. Regardless of who you’ve donated to, if the organisation is a listed charity on the ATO website, it can be claimed.
  • Clothing and accessories
    Another often overlooked range of deductions includes claims for items such as work boots, sunscreen and sunglasses for those required to work outdoors.
  • Investment Seminars
    It is worth mentioning that the cost of attending investment seminars including those relating to rental properties can be claimed on your tax return. However, only those with existing investments are eligible to make this claim and not those who are still thinking of entering an investment.

There are many more deductions that you are certainly eligible for. It is always a matter of being well informed, and no easier way to be well informed and protected than to have a tax accountant to back you up with good advice and service.

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