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qr codes

As of Friday 23 April 2021, The Victorian Government has updated its COVID Safe requirements, to be followed by business establishments across a large board of categories. To be able to effectively trace any occurrences all patrons visiting these establishments must check in from their smartphones with the Victorian Government QR code service. Alternatively, for those without smartphones other options are mentioned on the website links listed below.

The visitor policy for each of the businesses mentioned on this list is required to be modified with immediate effect from 23 April 2021. Undergoing this process collectively, will help the Victorian Government track and trace sources in the event of any occurrences.

While at ease in recent days, the Victorian Government urges Victorians to follow these measures to ensure we keep our way of life smooth and uninterrupted without leaving things to uncertainty. Having tracked the visitors, it will allow for effortless tracing in case of unforeseen circumstances. Our Government and the Victorian people have worked hard and such measures only help to preserve our integrity and health.

Even if your business type is not listed on the Victorian Government website page, all businesses are encouraged to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service by visiting their website portal for free registration.

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