New Associate Office in London & China

New Associate Office in London & China

We are very pleased and proud to announce that China and London are now homes to our new associate offices. This engagement has been made possible through extraordinary negotiations, extensive exchanges between the directors of both parties and valuable consideration for their respective clients.

United by a common business culture, new alliances between Zimsen Partners and DongGuan Liqun Accounting Services Pty Ltd and Ossman Consultants Limited have been signed. This partnership makes Zimsen Partners the forerunner in the accounting industry providing its clients base an opportunity to defy boundaries and make business possible around Asia and now in Europe. This new avenue of opportunity will facilitate the connection of our clients with Asia and Europe and assist clients referred from our associate offices to connect with Australia.

Below is a small introduction to our new associates Dongguan City Liqun Accounting Services, from China and Ossman Consultants Limited from London.

“Dongguan Liqun Accounting Services Pty Ltd is a formal accounting services company approved by the industrial and commercial registration. Their office has 500 square meters space and is run by senior accountants who are specialised in tax, audit and accounting. They are also familiar with foreign-funded enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households audit, capital verification and asset valuation.

They are honest, committed professionals with excellent skills suited for the needs of all types of businesses, companies and individuals. Since its inception in 2005, the company provides the community with a large number of professional services, and has established a good reputation in the industry. Each member of the team at DongGuan Liqun Accounting Services has a pioneering spirit and rigorous style, and strives to build the company into a more robust tax accounting services’ company. They are confident that with their professional experience and good communication skills, they will be able to help customers to continue to grow”.

“Ossman Consultants is one of London’s leading accountancy firms. They are an established company with over 20 years experience in the industry. They are based in Kew Gardens and have clients from a much wider area. They provide services to all kinds of businesses, from start-ups and small companies through to medium and large enterprises.

With their experience, they help your business grow and face the challenges with you, as well as developing it into a successful operation.
At Ossman Consultants they are committed to providing you with a service tailored to your individual needs. They keep track of all the essentials for you, and provide effective, innovative advice on how to add value to your personal, business or family finance.
They believe in growth through excellent, efficient service. They build relationships by empowering ourselves to give you confidence. They focus on you to exceed expectations”.

Zimsen Partners already have associate office arrangements in place and operational in India with b.c. Shetty & Co and NVS management and Corporate Services. In Sri-Lanka, the association is with Chart BPO (PVT) Ltd. Please log on to our website and click under Business Asia for more details.

We take great pleasure in bringing these new opportunities to your attention and hope you share our excitement.

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