Making Money While You Sleep

Making Money While You Sleep

Property is the product. The plan is the Key – To get rich you should be making money in your sleep

How can One do this?

Just imagine that you are a landlord of one or more rental properties that are returning 4% with the added benefit of capital growth of 7% to 10% per annum.

If you have an investment property worth $600,000 it will be worth over $1 million in ten years. If you think that is not possible I can show you the stats to prove that this has occurred over the past 100 years in Melbourne.

This is how you make money while you sleep!

The sad fact is most people would like to do this, but don’t. Why?

While many property investors know they want their properties to replace their income, I’ve found most don’t think about how they’ll can achieve financial freedom.

  • They don’t have a strategy.
  • They don’t have a plan.
  • They just hope it will happen.

Other investors think that they’ll live off their rental income, yet I rarely see this happen.

On the other hand, the wealthy investors I deal with have built a cash machine by growing a substantial asset base of high growth properties, and then lowering their loan to value ratios (LVR) so they can transition.

Written by: Bertram Danial (Property Consultant)

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