How much does a small business accountant cost?

How much does a small business accountant cost?

Why it’s important to understand small business accountant fees

Whilst there are many considerations to be made in the course of running a business, the cost of accounting services for small businesses is of utmost concern.

As a small business owner you should have the right to know how much you can expect to pay for small business accounting, and other services you should obtain in the process. With all things considered it’s crucial to find the most bang for your buck and not just the cheapest accountant you can find.

Small business accounting fees can vary significantly as many factors determine the cost including the precise needs of the business or even the size & intricacy. Thus having clear communication with the accountant about the specifics concerning pricing and services is vital. Don’t forget to ask these important questions:

  • Is your service hourly based or fixed sum?
  • Can I receive ad-hoc access included for no extra charge? (Phone calls/emails)
  • Is the payment plan monthly, quarterly, or yearly?
  • Will I be charged given an audit from the ATO?

With this information, the accountant can evaluate what services are best fit for you and give you a quote for your small business.

Cheap business accountants and why to avoid them

Costs are a big factor for any business owner hence the need to keep them at a healthy level is pivotal for the short-long term success of your small business. Accounting fees are not something to take lightly and can be compelling, but when deciding whether to use the services of one accountant over another you shouldn’t be thinking “How much will this cost?” but rather “what will this save me long term?” With the oversight of quality small business accountants, they can save you a lot of time and money in the long-term.

The services of low-price and cheap accountants can come with a multitude of issues as they may just lodge tax returns from papers you give them and/or lack comprehensive cross-checks & reconciliations that can put you at risk of being audited by the ATO.

With that in mind, you may need additional business and financial advice that a low-cost accountant can’t provide which can further help you reduce tax and expenses for your small business in the long run.

Your business goals are important, so finding the right business accountant who can guide you and develop a framework to attain your realistic business goals is a far better path.

Choosing a business accountant that wants you to succeed

An expert business accountant will go above and beyond for your business to make sure your needs are met. There is more than just lodging your tax return, with Zimsen Partners, you can expect the whole 9 yards as we want to see you attain those desires of long-term business and personal success.

The crew here at Zimsen Partners put your documents through the most thorough and accurate checks to make sure you’re protected from ATO audits. It’s important to know that when you’re using the services of a small business accountant in Melbourne that they have the utmost standards and thoroughly understand your business and its needs.

Working with us comes with several benefits as we provide countless services which can allow your business to reach its full potential:

Why choose Zimsen Partners?

Zimsen Partners offers extensive accounting services that can ensure no stone is left unturned when assessing your situation. Our small business accountants are highly experienced and qualified who will cater to your every need. This includes the full range of services from accounting & tax, setting up a Company or Self-Managed Super Fund to business growth and advisory. We maintain very high ethical and practice standards and are open and clear about our pricing with your business. Give us a call today to ensure that your business stays on top of finances.

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