Business Debt & Restructuring

Business Debt & Restructuring

Running a business is a great venture but from time to time, the business will have to face the challenges and even financial difficulties.

If your business is experiencing the shortage on cash flow, defaulting on loan repayments, having issues or already pushing tax obligations like GST, PAYG Withholding or Instalment payments, receiving debt collection letters from suppliers and ATO – You need to contact us now because those are the symptoms of a business in debt and crisis.

If the situation is not addressed properly, it is going to become worse (insolvency) and be followed with the failure at the end. The negative impact not only damages your business, but also affects you as the director, your personal life, and those people around you that you care the most.

As the industry specialist, we will assess you and your business’s financial position, provide strategic guidelines and even detailed action plans to assist you in getting back the control of your cash flow, business operations, and managing the debt through debt consolidation. Based on your circumstances and your vision, we will also review and evaluate the need for business restructures or other exit strategies like administration or liquidation in the view of legitimately preserving as many assets as possible.

We have successfully helped many of our clients resolving personal and business’ financial difficulties, and turnaround their business back on track to the growing phase again. We also have proven records of helping our clients get out of tricky situations like disputes between directors and/or shareholders, business relationship broken down, mediation, etc.

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