Why Pay for Bookkeeping Services?

Hiring a bookkeeper is one of those things that every good businessman does. This is not because he has a lot of income at his disposal, but because he knows to play his steps right. And the most important truth is, you can hire a professional and spend money behind them, or you can choose to undertake all the activities yourself and end up taking a risk larger than your business itself. A bookkeeper is ideally your best friend in the business, a reliable one at least. When you choose to do the bookkeeping yourself, you are not only involving your intellect into something that is not adding profit, but you are emotionally entangled in the whole process of evaluating your business. A bookkeeper does this job in the most clinical and detached manner and that...

What Makes an Accountant Reliable?

Melbourne and the other cities of Australia are not short on options when it comes to accountants, you could find one that is at a walkable distance from home, or you could find one that charges you peanuts. However, decisions based on such mundane conveniences do not even begin to offer the benefits a qualified, experienced and work loving accountant can offer over an extended period of time. There are multiple mobile and desktop applications available to help you to do your book keeping by yourself, to help calculate your debts or analyse investment options. So why do you need an accountant? And how do you know where to look?
  • - Numbers are important, but it doesn’t end there
  • Every accountant is expected to be good with numbers, but this should not be the deciding factor. It’s an...

2015/16 Tax Return Checklist

2015/16 Individual Tax Return Checklist
  • Common work-related claims made by individuals
  • Depreciable plant, etc, costing $300 or less
  • Clothing expenses
  • Self education expenses
  • Other work-related expenses
2015/16 Year-end Checklist for Business
  • Maximising deductions for non-SBE taxpayers
  • Prepayment strategies – non-SBE
  • Accelerating expenditure – non-SBE
  • Accrued expenditure – non-SBE
  • Maximising deductions for SBE taxpayers
  • Accelerating expenditure – SBE
  • Prepayment strategies – SBE
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