“Zimsen Partners is not just an accounting firm. It provides broad range services on taxation, business planning and business advice to both domestic and international clients. At FPI, our business is education consultant for overseas students. Our business demands we spend long hours on student counseling and we have to rely on a good accountant for our businesses accounting related works. Zimsen Partners provides us with the support and in addition staff at Zimsen being able speak our language Mandarin, makes our job much easier. Director, Dancy He has been looking after FPI since 2009. We get to see the same face every year which brings peace to our mind. We also found the seminars run by Zimsen Partners very useful and would like to recommend that you make the best use of Zimsen’s services including free seminars!

10053 2F-2, No.23, Sec.1, Hangzhou S. Rd. 10053 Taipei, Taiwan and
Suite 1004a, Level 10, 125 Swanston St. Melbourne 3000