Rhonda Scott


Rhonda Scott

With extensive experience in dealing with practice clients, Rhonda excels at building strong relationships on both professional and personal levels, providing support and assistance whenever needed. Her willingness to tackle common client issues and find solutions makes her an essential asset at the front desk. Rhonda has been an invaluable member of the firm, taking on a variety of responsibilities that contribute to the smooth operation of the practice. She serves as the go-to person for all things secretarial, effectively managing administrative tasks and ensuring that the reception area runs efficiently. 

Outside of work, Rhonda cherishes quality time with her family. Whether it’s sharing meals, engaging in activities, or simply enjoying each other’s company, family remains a priority in her life. As a passionate supporter of the Hawthorn team in the AFL, Rhonda eagerly follows their journey, revelling in their successes and eagerly anticipating their next premiership. She also values her friendships and frequently enjoys going out for dinner and movie outings with her close circle. To unwind and rejuvenate, Rhonda finds solace in visiting the picturesque Mornington Peninsula with her family, taking in the natural beauty and tranquillity it offers.

Rhonda’s dedication to her work, ability to handle administrative matters, and her commitment to nurturing personal relationships demonstrate her valuable contributions to the company. Her passion for family, sports, and leisure activities exemplifies her well-rounded approach to life, enriching both her professional and personal experiences.

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