April – 2018 Practice Update covers following points:
  • New superannuation rates and thresholds released
  • Super guarantee payable on 'public holidays' and 'additional hours'!
  • Inactive ABNs will be cancelled by the ATO
  • Commissioner's speech highlights ATO's focus areas
  • No need to actually 'downsize' for 'downsizer contributions'
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Maintaining an Effective Accountant Relationship

A few checks to ensure a profitable relationship for your business

In our previous articles we’ve enlisted quite a few times, the ideal qualities of an accountant and why you probably need to get an accountant for your business. If you are reading this now, it is likely that you have found the need for an accountant or already have one and seek to make the relationship profitable for your business. Small and medium sized business owners will often reach this cross-road sooner than later. A cross-road where you decide how much of the bookkeeping you could manage to do by yourself. Every successful business venture requires the watchful eye of qualified accountant, and here is how you could enrich the relationship to guarantee absolute effectiveness from your dealings with your accountant.

1. Set price expectations:

This is one...


March – 2018 Practice Update covers following points:
  • Big changes proposed to eligibility for the CGT SBCs
  • ATO's focus on work-related expenses
  • Taxpayer can't explain where she got the money to pay her expenses
  • Uber driver not an 'employee'
  • Government to fix a problem with reversionary TRISs
  • New small business benchmark are available
  • Guide to the new Small Business Super Clearing House
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