Tax Tips for a Growing Start-up Business

Why you Might want to Consider a Tax Expert to Scale-up The era that we live in is a great time to be independent. With the amount of information available online in all forms i.e., videos, blog articles, tutorials and much more. You can even get certified degrees from home. It is a very empowering time to be owning a business because nearly everyone is equipped with the same level of knowledge and resources. Victoria is seeing a boom in small businesses. Brave businessmen and women with great ideas are coming forward to present their creations to the world. And its humbling to see how well they do, along with an undying potential to do more and expand beyond the horizon. Our main concern with this article is about bookkeeping that is done in-house by the business...

Working with An Accountant in 2018

-Choosing the right accountant for you- Most business owners would have already found an accountant through referrals via friends and family or fellow industry businessmen. However, there is no reason for you to feel trapped with an accountant who does not enable you to make greater profits. An accountant’s role is far more than just handling your paper work and all your accounts. The right accountant encourages their clients to make decisions based on logic and educated assumptions about the state of the market in the recent future. Business owners could even choose to switch accountants in light of new business directions or business expansion. Furthermore, in the case of small business owners, there are several software that allow you to do your bookkeeping and taxation related formalities with ease. In this article, we explore why having...

Managing an Overdue Tax Return

A few steps to help you find your way through overdue tax returns. Obligations relating to tax and the slight discomfort they can cause are universal. It is quite evident that growing businesses tend to focus on developing their business and can tend to lose sight of tax returns that need to be updated regularly throughout the year. The regular updates leave you with plenty of time at the end of the financial year to review all the paper work. However, such ideal situations are bound to be subject to human error. There are a few ways to deal with an overdue tax return and they include:
  • Dodging the late payment interest rates
    There is a legal and a widely accepted method of saving your company from the late tax repayment interest rates. The cost can be...
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