New Associate Office in London & China

We are very pleased and proud to announce that China and London are now homes to our new associate offices. This engagement has been made possible through extraordinary negotiations, extensive exchanges between the directors of both parties and valuable consideration for their respective clients. United by a common business culture, new alliances between Zimsen Partners and DongGuan Liqun Accounting Services Pty Ltd and Ossman Consultants Limited have been signed. This partnership makes Zimsen Partners the forerunner in the accounting industry providing its clients base an opportunity to defy boundaries and make business possible around Asia and now in Europe. This new avenue of opportunity will facilitate the connection of our clients with Asia and Europe and assist clients referred from our associate offices to connect with Australia. Below is a small introduction to our new associates Dongguan...

Fringe Benefits Tax and its effect on employers

Similar to Income tax and GST, FBT is a tax that is assessable yearly on business owners. But what exactly is FBT? Why are employers obliged to pay this tax in addition to income tax and GST? After reading this article, you will be able to determine: 1. What a fringe benefit is 2. Key features of a fringe benefit 3. How to reduce the taxable value of a fringe benefit 4. Two Methods available for calculating Motor Vehicle Benefits 1. What is fringe benefits tax? Fringe benefits tax is a tax payable by employers on the non cash benefits provided to their employees or their associates in respect to their employment. 2. Key features of FBT:
  • FBT is a tax paid by employers, regardless of whether they are individuals, partnerships, companies or trust.
  • Fringe benefits...

Seminar : Employer Obligations

Zimsen Partners successfully conducted a seminar on Employer Obligations held at 7 Keysborough Close, Keysborough on 24th March 2014.
The presenter was Rebecca Lim (Accountant). It covered important areas regarding business’ compliance with the ATO, the employee and subcontractor obligations and other aspects affecting mainly the cleaning industry. The existing clients and networks attending the event appreciated the sharing of valuable knowledge and networking opportunities. Zimsen Partners is committed to hold more seminars on various topics during the year to provide clients and networks with valuable information....
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