Zimsen Partners Event Highlights

On the 7th of June 2018, Zimsen Partners co-hosted a Tax, Budget and Small Business Discussions evening held at the Sandown Regency with guest speakers – The Honourable Michael Sukkar MP (Assistant Minister to the Treasurer) & Senator James Paterson (Chair of Finance & Public Administration). The Guest Speakers highlighted the main changes of the 2018 Federal Budget that will affect small businesses and the benefits it will bring once the budget is in effect. Hon Michael Sukkar MP stresses the changes will be beneficial to all taxpayers due to the implementation of the new tax rates. Furthermore, the introduction of new tax offsets such as the Low and Middle-Income Tax offset will increase cashflow for individuals & families due to tax savings. Senator James emphasises the increase in tax savings would in turn help boost...

Some Tax Return Investment Ideas


To start this light-hearted article, we should provide a simple disclaimer that we are not experts on how you should spend your money. We can merely provide ideas based on the plethora of cases we handle each day. Our intention is to enable our clients and readers to fully understand their rights, and what is owed by them and to them. It is the month of July, and you are going to lodge your tax return. If all is well, you might be lucky to receive a refund in your tax return. On average, the ATO provides a refund of approximately two thousand dollars. It’s a great feeling to get back some of your own hard-earned money; and it can be quite tempting to blow it off on...
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