What is ‘Management Accounting’?

On Friday 20th March 2015, Roger G Anthony was invited by Zimsen Partners Pty Ltd to provide a valuable insight into “Management Accounting”.  Highly qualified, with an MBA and a Master of Financial Management and prior to his retirement from the Finance Industry, Roger had also held professional membership, such as FCPA, FCMA, FCCA, FCIM.  Roger has had a very wide career experience, having held Senior Executive positions, such as Finance Director, CFO and Finance Manager. He began the presentation by defining Management Accounting. Management accounting is a profession that:
  • Involves partnering in management decision making
  • Devises planning and performance management systems
  • Provides expertise in financial reporting and control to assist management in the formulation and implementation of an organization's strategy.
A video clip from Professor Roger Gee explaining the difference between “Management Accounting” and “Financial Accounting” was then projected.  This...

Understanding Australia-Chinese business trade relationships

Our new Accountants Jessie Xiao and Sharon Zhou gave a presentation to our staff on Understanding Australia-Chinese business trade relationships. The Australian Chinese Trade Relationship China is Australia’s largest trading partner. While the bulk of exports to China consist of iron ore and other resources such as coal and gold, exports now are expanding beyond resources. On the other hand Chinese Investments in Australian property and business is not insignificant. These factors combine to make this a significant trade relationship for Australia. Possessing an understanding of this relationship allows for an appreciation of the opportunities and considerations to take into account when doing business in China. Overview of China’s economy China as one of the largest emerging economies plays a critical role in global economy. China has the largest population in the world which is about one sixth of the...

February 2015 Practice Update

February – 2015 Practice Update covers following points
  • ATO data matching programs
    • Motor vehicles
    • Share transactions
  • ATO focus on super obligations – child care, pubs and cleaning
  • Travel allowance – deductions are not a foregone conclusion
  • ATO recovers super from phoenix operators
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Construction industry annual payments report
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