Improving Business Cash Flow


A positive cash flow is the cash flow that you need. It basically means that the amount of cash coming into your business exceeds the cash that is going out as expenses. Maintaining a positive cash flow one of the most important aspect to maintain any kind of business over a period of time. It has been observed that nearly 82% of small businesses fail due to mismanagement of their cash flow. One of the primary truths about incoming cash flow is that, it’s not all profit. It includes covering the cost price of the product/service, paying wages and many other liabilities. Therefore, having a skilled accountant by your side is not just necessary, it is critical to ensuring long term success and growth. If your...

Zimsen Partners: Team Update

Jacky Chan has been newly appointed as one of the Directors of the firm alongside Terry & Dancy. Jacky started as a Graduate Accountant in the firm in 2013; he has excelled in the fields of business advisory and taxation ever since – being promoted to Senior Accountant, Manager and eventually an Associate. Besides holding a CPA, Jacky has recently obtained his RG146 SMSF Personal Advice Qualification and has also become a Registered Tax Agent. Alongside Jacky’s success, the firm has experienced rapid growth and is constantly recognizing individuals for their accomplishments and hard work; notably the following individuals who have been promoted to their new roles:
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