Murray-GwytherMurray Gwyther B. Bus (Acc)

With a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting from Swinburne University, Murray has a strong educational foundation in the field. As a Registered Tax Agent, he demonstrates his proficiency in handling tax matters on behalf of clients. Murray’s journey in the accounting profession began with his experience in an administrative and accounting role within the telecommunications industry, which eventually led him to discover his passion for chartered accounting.

Murray’s enthusiasm is evident as he caters to a diverse range of corporate clients and individuals, with a special focus on the medical field. He diligently attends to their tax compliance and accounting needs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tasks such as financial statements, tax returns, and BAS obligations. Drawing from his extensive experience, Murray also assists clients with online solutions, leveraging his passion for IT. Additionally, his expertise makes him the go-to person for in-house IT issues, providing valuable support to the team. Murray’s dedication to his clients, accounting expertise, and IT proficiency make him an invaluable asset to the firm. His well-rounded approach to life is evident in his commitment to both his professional and personal interests.

Outside of work, Murray indulges his passion for working with computers, electronics, and home theatre systems. He finds joy in exploring these technological realms, continuously expanding his knowledge and skills. Additionally, Murray is a devoted fan of Essendon in the AFL, passionately supporting his team and engaging in the excitement of the sport.

03 7065 5555