Christian-GusnerChristian Gusner B.Ec, MBA, FCPA

Christian Gusner is a highly experienced accountant and tax professional with 30 years of expertise in accounting and taxation, business management and planning, and financial forecasting. He offers comprehensive services to individuals, small businesses, corporations, trusts, not-for-profit organizations, and self-managed superannuation funds. Christian’s knowledge of tax laws, compliance requirements, and financial regulations allows him to provide tailored solutions to his clients.

His proficiency in business management and planning helps businesses optimize their financial performance and make strategic decisions. With his strong background in financial forecasting, Christian assists clients in projecting and analysing their financial performance, enabling them to make informed decisions. Christian’s diverse client portfolio has given him a deep understanding of different financial scenarios and the ability to adapt his expertise to specific client needs. As a member of prestigious professional associations, Christian stays updated with industry developments, ensuring he delivers high-quality services to his clients.

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