Somebody’s Child & All of this

Somebody’s Child & All of this

Somebody’s Child is a new charity set up to provide emergency shelter to the thousands of homeless people living on our streets.


Imagine you’re a teenager who had a disagreement with your parents and in a moment of anger and frustration run away from home. A prospect of a night on the streets feeling scared and vulnerable is daunting, where to from here?

Or you find you are the victim of domestic violence and need to get out with your children, Where can you stay?

SOMEBODY’S CHILD aims to build emergency housing for such moments in life!

If we can provide a safe temporary shelter during these moments of uncertainty then just maybe, we can change the outcome to a more positive future than living on the streets.”

Since the inception of the idea, we have had a lot of responses. One of our first contributors was ‘All of this’ who believes in giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate.

This is what David Steuart, director and co-founder of ‘All of this’ had to say:

‘is very pleased to have been associated with Terry for many years now, and most recently getting on board and supporting a new foundation that Terry is passionate about “Somebody’s Child”

Who are we?  

Be small think big… that’s us, a small creative studio building teams with trusted collaborators based on the needs of each individual task. We work on projects that inspire and challenge us and we are always focusing on how ideas come to life. By teaming up with selected clients and collaborators we make any creative project happen no matter the size. We believe our work is the best way to get to know us. Each project is different. And so are we. As different as our creative process is, everything we do is about long term thinking, fun and creativity.’

You can visit their website at

We will on our next newsletter provide you with more details on how you can be involve with the new foundation ‘Somebody’s Child’ and in the meantime, have a look at the website @

For those who are interested in giving a helping hand, please contact Terry at or give us a call on (03) 9798 6622.

03 9798 6622