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Funding Requirements

We have strong relationship with major banks and other finance providers in Australia and act as an important conduit for our clients in facilitating funding application for existing business operations, business expansion, business acquisition and project funding such as property development and cross border transactions.

We primarily focus on transactions for funding requirement up to $A20 million.

Our services include

  • Regularly liaising with the banks and finance providers to understand and have the most up to date knowledge with respect to the level of information required in their assessment process, understand key industry risks, general cash flow funding criteria’s and which industries finance is generally available against the goodwill of the business.
  • Preparation of Comprehensive business plans, cash flow forecasts with assumptions and Projected Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets that enables the finance providers to have a good understanding of your business operations, strategies, key risks, how the key risks are mitigated, profitability, current and future cash flow requirements of your business.
  • Negotiating the correct funding structure, term of the loan facilities, type and level of assets that will provided as security for the funding ensuring that it does not impact your businesses cash flows and flexibility.
  • Ensure any covenants and conditions of approval proposed by the bank or finance provider is reasonable and not detrimental to your business operations.
  • Negotiating on your behalf the most competitive interest rates and fees
  • Perusal of bank or other finance provider’s formal documentation before you sign. In some cases we will recommend you to see the appropriate lawyers for legal advice.
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