Bayside Business Accountants Has Merged with Zimsen Partners

Bayside Business Accountants Has Merged with Zimsen Partners

Offering result-oriented and growth-driven solutions are the foundation of a successful business. As we have continuously looked for various strategic ways to improve our services, Bayside Business Accountants and Zimsen Partners have decided to consolidate our offices into one.

From January 2020, all of our accounting and tax work is based at our office at:

Zimsen Partners

Fiveways Business Centre
7 Keysborough Close, Keysborough Vic 3173

We have the same team of dedicated and qualified accountants (including Francois and Tony) on board. Apart from having access to our regular team of experts, you can consult professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise, who are eager to assist you. Additionally, we still offer the same after hours and weekend appointments during the tax season.

We look forward to seeing you at Keysborough. Please remember if you feel Keysborough is too far to drive, we are always available to assist you through email or fax. Also, remember you can receive the latest updates by visiting our Facebook page or subscribing to our newsletter.

03 9798 6622